Chocolate and orange

Cherry chocolate

Chocolate and stem ginger

Apple & sultana

Carrot and cardamon

Double chocolate

Spiced orange & cranberry

Frostings can be flavoured with:

Blueberry, Raspberry, Lemon, Mango, Apple. Vanilla, Rose,

Black cherry, Pear, Ginger, Bubblegum, Banana, Peach, orange,Cinnamon....and many more!


If you are wondering what type of celebration cake to have for your special occasion - whether it's a birthday, anniversary, retirement, engagement, wedding. or simply a lovely, tasty, cake to share with guests at a dinner party - here are a few ideas to help you to decide.

Please allow sufficient notice if you would like me to bake for you - a minimum 2 weeks notice for a single tiered celebration cake, or batch of cupcakes thank you. The more notice the better to avoid disappointment, as some weeks are very busy.

I am just a quick phone call away if you want to discuss anything. Please see the Contact Page.


Traditional carrot cake - double layered, filled & topped with a vanilla, cream cheese frosting (choose pecans, walnuts or a mix of both - or no nuts at all if children will be eating it! You can substitute the nuts with sultanas etc)

Spiced apple & cranberry

Cranberry or Raspberry and white chocolate chunks

Milk/dark Chocolatechips and cranberry

Apple & blueberry

Apple & cherry (either dried cherries or glace)

Walnut & apple/orange/chocolate (choose one)

Pina Colada (coconut, pineapple & white choc chips)

Tropical (mango, coconut, pineapple)

Traditional sherried/brandied fruit cake

Apple & mango

Pear & vanilla

Pear & pecan

Peach & raspberry

Lemon meringue (crunchy meringue in a lemon frosting)

These are just a few ideas to get your taste buds going! The scope is endless. I'm sure you will have a few options of your own that we can discuss

When creating celebration cakes and icing a cake with fondant, I prefer to use a chocolate ganache to cover before icing, instead of marzipan. This can either be dark, milk or white chocolate, at your preference. If you would rather have a buttercream filling or marzipan, this can be arranged. All fillings, frostings and icing can be flavoured to compliment the cake using either pulped fruits, zests, conserves or food flavourings.

The reason I have switched to using ganache is simple - chocolate is by far more popular than marzipan! It's quite common to see guests at a party carefully picking the marzipan and icing off their slice of cake and leaving it on the plate...but rarely do you see a scrap of chocolate leftovers! (Having said that, I do have one good friend who absolutely adores marzipan! So, whatever takes your fancy is what I will use.)